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Western Trends in the United States

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Although the United States of America has become a melting pot for a diversity of cultures, its basic institutions and ideals are essentially Western. Identify a specific characteristic of American culture that originated in each of the four major periods of Western Civilization under study in this class:

the Ancient World (Near East and Egypt)
the Classical World (Greece and Rome)
the Middle Ages
the Renaissance/Reformation
Thoroughly discuss each chosen characteristic and explain its significance in the development of Western culture.

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Believe it or not, the United States (and the rest of the world) learned a lot from the ancient world including writing, the alphabet, farming, construction, art, mathematics, etc... The one that I find the most fascinating to use as example is their legal system because it very closely mirrors our legal system today. The head of the legal system was usually someone official like a pharaoh or someone that he appointed and was responsible for enforcing laws and delivering justice for those who do not comply. Actual court document show, for example, that Egyptian law (known as Ma'at) was based on what was right and wrong and emphasized resolving conflicts and punishing offenders which closely mirrors modern-day legal systems. As well, local elders would sit in attendance of court cases and decide who was right and wrong much like a modern-day jury. More serious cases involving murder or ...

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Western Trends in the United States