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    What Life was Like for Women in Ancient Greece

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    Need for you to look at The British Museum@ ancientgreece.co.uk web site only and write a 300 word dirary of what it would have been like for a woman.

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    Before writing this diary entry, you will need to consider the status of the woman (wife, priestess, or slave) and whether she hailed from Athens or Sparta, as each city-state set different standards. What follows is the general information provided by AncientGreece.co.uk:

    Athenian women, by today's standards, had fewer rights than Spartan women. In both city-states, infancy was a dangerous time of life. In Athens, baby girls were far more likely to be abandoned in a public place and left either to ...

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    This solution provides a 300-word response to a student assigned to write a diary entry based on the life of a woman in ancient Greece using the British Museum's website AncientGreece.co.uk. The solution focuses on the city-states of Athens and Sparta and addresses the duties of women based on their status.