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Character and Political leadership: Greeks thoughts on it.

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WHAT LESSONS DO THE ANCIENT GREEKS TEACH US ABOUT THE ROLE OF PERSONAL CHARACTER IN A GOOD NATIONAL LEADER? Create a composite leader who exemplifies the desired qualities of a good leader by identifying and explaining significant acts by at least five (5) people created by Hesiod, Homer and Sophocles who demonstrate how character effects the actions and the effectiveness of a good leader. What can we learn from the ancient Greek leaders that would help us to more clearly judge the competence of our national leaders? Pay most attention to how character affects the style, methods and effectiveness of national leaders. Essay should not be an evaluation of the individual policies of leaders regarding specific issues such as war or the economy.

1. Develop a preliminary version of your essay with a length of between 4 and 6 pages (1500 to 2000 words)

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Leaders of heroic stature

In his Theogeny, Hesiod describes and compares the leadership of Chronos and Zeus where one is a Titan and the other is a god. Chronos leads the Titans with a strong hand and dictatorial rule while Zeus is more democratic in listening to the gods. In addition, Chronos eats his children representing how bad leaders will destroy their followers which is contrasted with Zeus, who helps and supports his fellow gods. Hesiod is also a shepherd that shows the value of humility and unprententous leadership. The book Theogeny should be analyzed according to the symbolism of each god or goddesses in accord with leadership characteristics.

Leaders of intelligence and problem solving:

In Homer's Odyssey, we see the role of the charismatic leader and transformative leadership. Achilles is the noble hero, handsome, strong, and virile, who through ...