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    Ancient Rome

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    Neither ancient Egypt nor ancient Greece ever established an extensive empire, Rome did. Why?


    I don't need pages of information, just the basics. This is for an essay midterm in a freshman level general education course. So, not a lot of dates, maybe a few, and not a lot of names, maybe a couple. The concept is more important than a lot of factual dates and names.


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    Hi there,
    <br>Some thoughts regarding your query:
    <br>Rome had its Republic for many years. It had a history of military strengtth because it was also worried about outsiders, the Etruscans and then the Gauls. They did maintain a strong military with most of their leaders being generals in the military. There were many civil wars over the years with the civilians being paranoid and suspicious of the military leaders and I think when Octavian returned to Rome after defeating Antony, the people were just ready to stop fighting each other and let some strong leader take over. They certainly gave him free rein to do anything he wanted, ie to be an Emperor.
    <br>The Romans did not intend to create an empire, but they responded to threats from their neighbors, first on the Italian ...