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How Rome Became a Great Empire

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I have a project on how Rome became a great empire. I would like to get started and would like a quick overview of the Roman empire and I have 5 questions that I would like to get answered in detail to get me started in my project. If any outside sources are used please provide citation. I have attached a source.

How did the ancient Romans describe their origins?
How did the Roman Republic function ?
What were the priorities of the Roman Republic?
How does the Roman Republic compare to the American Republic?

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How Rome became a great empire is determined. How the Roman Republic function is provided.

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How did the ancient Romans describe their origins?

Rome began as an Iron Age hut village and was founded in the mid-8th century BC. In 616, the Etruscans, who were neighbors to Rome, managed to seize power but were later thrown out of power in 509. When this happened, the Roman Republic was formed. It quickly conquered the rest of Italy, and then turned its attention to other lands including Spain, North Africa, and Greece. By the 1st century BC, the Roman Republic ruled a vast amount of land and continued to expand until the Middle Ages when it went into decline.

History of Rome. Rome Information. Found October 23, 2012: http://www.rome.info/ancient/history/

How did the Roman Republic function?

The government was led by Consuls who were ...

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