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US Court of Appeals

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1. A case involving a dispute between Colorado, Utah and Arizona over water rights.
2.A case involving an appeal of a 5th U.S. District court decision regarding the right of Texas high school students to recite prayers over the school PA system before football games.
3.A case involving a state law prohibiting the import of nuclear waste from other states.
4.A civil suit brought by a plaintiff from Tennessee against a defendant from Kentucky.
5.A contract dispute between a private company and the U.S. government.
6.A case involving a violation of a city ordinance against loitering.

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Essentially the US Court of Appeals is suitable for appellate review. However, in case of US Court of Appeals, namely the Supreme Court, it has been given the original jurisdiction in two types of cases. First, in cases that involve ambassadors and those that involve states as parties. The reason is that when a case presents itself, a trial needs to be carried out. The district courts have been designed to hold trials for cases having federal jurisdiction.

1. A case involving a dispute between Colorado, Utah and Arizona over water rights.
A case involving a dispute between Colorado, Utah and Arizona over water rights would be heard in the US Court of Appeals. The reason is that this is specified as matter over which the US Court of Appeals has original jurisdiction. In this case, the US Supreme Court that is an appeal court also has original jurisdiction over matters that involve disputes between states over water rights.
This is one of the very rare situations in which the US Court of Appeals, the US Supreme court has original jurisdiction. The US Supreme court will typically appoint a retired judge to ascertain facts and advise an ...

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