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    Professional and Hospital Discrimination and the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit 1956-1967

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    "Professional and Hospital Discrimination and the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit 1956-1967."
    Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD, FACP
    Public Health Then and Now
    American Journal of Public Health, May 2004, Vol 94, No. 5 Page 710 - 720

    This case is a good example of how federal laws came into play in the affairs of state action.
    1. Identify the level of the judicial court system that this legal opinion occurs.
    2. Identify the opinion of the lower court that was finally overturned in Simkins
    3. Explain at least one the federal laws that was highlighted in Simkins v. Moses H. Cone
    4. Explain how the federal laws play a role in deciding this case
    5. Identify and discuss the Constitutional amendments and issues in the case
    6. Explain why the case was limited in its reach.
    7. Identify the federal official and agency that finally extended the cases' ruling and how the cases' outcome spread across the Nation
    8. And with the following blog "Basic Health Access"; Is the Institutes of Medicine Waking Up? (February 22, 2013) http://basichealthaccess.blogspot.com/ . I need help with discussing why Simkins v. Moses H. Cone Mem. Hospital makes or fails to make a big difference in decreasing health inequities? Thank you.

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