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    American-Mexican War 1846-48: Imperialism or Expansionism

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    The following examples or events are enough to prove that the Mexican-American War(1846-48)was an effort to extend American territories, and it shows the horrific imperialistic attitude of the United States. Can you provide me a response to the points brought below?

    1. The philosophy of 'Manifest Destiny' was coined by John Sullivan, the editor of the Democratic Review. This term was pampered by United States as an excuse to usurp territories from its neighbours and extend its empire from Atlantic to Pacific.

    2. Texas was annexed to the United States as the 28th state in spite of the opposition of Mexico

    3. President Polk took office with an agenda to annex California and, even before any act of aggression, he noted the cabinet regarding the possibility of war with Mexico.

    4. American invasion on the Southwest was a plan to extend slavery even to the territories of Mexico. Most of the generals who led the war were slave owners.

    5. The general mood inside the country was against annexation.

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    The European idea of Enlightenment in 19th century had brought endless opportunities to Americans. It was indeed a period of romanticism and Americans had the view that expansion from the Atlantic to Pacific coast would increase their chances of trade with Asia and further commercial interests. Americans wanted to safeguard democracy and continue to preserve America as an agricultural country based on the ideals of Jefferson.

    America had long pampered the idea of 'Manifest Destiny.' The phrase was first coined by John Sullivan, the editor of the Democratic Review. Sullivan was of the opinion that the US had a mandate to expand its territories from East to West. The age also witnessed a revolution in the field of transport, commerce and industry. It made America one of the richest and most powerful countries of North America. Further developments were only ...

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    This solution comprised series of events to prove that US Mexican War (1846-48) was the result of imperialistic attitude of United States. It was none other than a blatant aggression.