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Conflict Causes in Organziations with examples

1. Identified and discussed 4-5 causes of conflict in organizations.

2. Provided examples illustrating the causes and the consequences of negative conflict.

3. Discuss steps for leaders to take to prevent and/or solve negative conflict.

Justified answers with logical rationale, personal experiences, examples, and/or cited sources.

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Causes of conflict in organizations
Newstrom (1997) identified the following as common causes of organizational conflict:
1. Organizational change
The change may have meant a change in some aspects of the organization such as people, structure, technology, or methods and processes. A change in production method may have resulted to confusions among people affected by the change.
2. Personality clashes
People of different personalities differ in work styles and perceptions. As such, they tend to have different views of a particular situation.
3. Different sets of values
People tend to differ in terms of priorities and in judging what is acceptable or not acceptable because of different sets of values, principles, and ...

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The conflict causes in organizations with examples and the steps to prevent and solve conflict are examined.