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Arnold Sameroff's Risk factors Related to IQ Scores

Arnold Sameroff and his colleagues developed an environmental risk scale - the scale was based on a number of features of the environment that put children at risk for low IQs such as:
1) head of household unemployed or working in low-status occupation
2) mother did not complete high school
3) at least four children in family
4) no father or stepfather
5) African-American family
6) large number of stressful life events in past few years
7) rigidity of parents' beliefs about child development
8) maternal anxiety
9) maternal mental health
10) negative mother-child interactions

Design an intervention program for preschool children who are at risk designed to boost their intelligence test performance. Be explicit about the links between the factors covered in the risk index and the outcomes of poverty. Explain why your program addresses the factors included in the risk index and how it leads to different outcomes than those that research shows are connected to poverty and intellectual development.

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There are many approaches to this question, but let me provide some notes designed to one specific area. First of all, it is important that each of the 10 risk factors you mention refer to the psychological and Sociological concept of 'cycle of poverty'. Laypeople would label this as 'What goes around comes around'. We know from research, for example, that children coming from homes where the mother did not complete high school are much ...

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The risks factors related to IQ scores are given. The expert designs an intervention program from preschool children is given.