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    In Section 10.3 of the course text, the following authors are listed as the superstars in the world of children's nonfiction (Coats, 2013):

    Nic Bishop
    Joanna Cole
    Penny Colman
    Russell Freedman
    Gail Gibbons
    Sy Montgomery
    Jim Murphy
    Seymour Simon
    Melissa Sweet

    Go to your local library or bookstore and read a nonfiction book by one of these authors. Using the guidelines listed in Section 10.3 of our text, critique the book to determine the characteristics that make the author a superstar. In addition, share at least one idea you have for how you could use this piece of literature in your classroom.

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    The book that was chosen to review is Backyard Detective: Critters Up Close, which is a nonfiction book by Nic Bishop. The characteristics of the book that make the author a superstar are that it provides children with the capability to explore the fascinating world of their own backyard as well as enhancing their reading skills. The use of inviting informational spreads are used to identify more than 200 detailed, stop-action images of common backyard animals enabling young children to play detective in their ...

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    The solution discusses how to become a good writer of nonfiction for children.