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Tricomponent attitude model

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I am having difficulty explaining a person's attitude toward Disney World using the Tricomponent attitude model. Thank you!

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The Tricomponent Attitude model is one approach used to explain how attitudes are formed.
The three components include cognition, conation, and affect (Michie & Sullivan, 1990). In the decision
making process cognition is the process of gathering information about various decisions. Affect
involves the process of considering various attributes or features of each choice in the decision by
comparing and contrasting, then selecting the choice that most meets the needs and desires of the
individual or group. When applied to a decision about a Disney World vacation the process is likely
to involve consideration of needs and desires for an entire family. Conation is the factor in the
decision making process where action is taken. The action may or may not ultimately result in a decision
being made. It may involve tasks like visiting a travel agent to gather information on vacation packages,
purchasing the tickets, and actually visiting the ...

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The tricomponent attitude models are examined. The attitudes towards Disney World using the Tricomponent attitude models are determined.