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Family Aspects of Upbrining Influences

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Based on your own experiences describe how you define "family?" Why you define family in this way? Based on your definition explain who you consider to be a part of your family?

2) What values, beliefs, and aspects of your upbringing influence your understanding of "family?"

3) Discuss whether your personal experiences measure up to your expectations of family life? How does a conflict between your beliefs and your lived experiences impact how you perceive family life.

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Family is typically the foundational primary group, or intimate group, a person belongs to. A family must contain at least two people and typically more. Two concepts related to the family are 'kin', or 'househould'. Kin, or kinship, pertains to the concept of relation. Two kinds of kin exist, assigned kin and created kin. Assigned kin are those related to you through marriage or birth. Created kin are those you actively create, such as a friend you choose to 'adopt' and expect to act like a family member.

In other words, kin are those ...

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The family aspects of upbrining influences are determined. The expert determines if personal experiences measure up to your expectations of family life.