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Pros and Cons of Day Care

This posting assists with writing an informative speech about the advantages and disadvantages of using a daycare.

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As you create your own informative speech, please feel free to apply some of these ideas to guide you:

Attention getter: You might want to offer the audience a descriptive scenario or story about day care. You may also ask, "How many of you have kids or want to have kids in the future? How many of you will be working moms and dads?" This strategy lures listeners.

Thesis Statement: Since there are both pros and cons associated with the topic, the decision to choose or reject the idea of day care is an important issue facing working families today.

I. Daycare offers many positive benefits for working families.

A. First, it allows working parents the ability to earn an income, while also knowing that their children are under effective care and supervision..

B. Since safety is a priority, day care centers must meet minimum state ...

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This posting addresses the day care debate.