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Pros and Cons of Consulting Firms

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1. Need to discuss the pros and cons of these three consulting firms.

A. Accounting/Finance Firm

B. Managerial firm

C. Information Technology firm

They are made up firms, so we just need to discuss the pros and cons of each.

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Capstone Course
Need to discuss the pros and cons of these three consulting firms.

A. Accounting/Finance, Firm

a) Hire the best accountants in the accounting/finance firms for the business instead of managing the whole department for the sole work of accounting. These accountants have been trained in using accounting software to get the latest updated data, calculations are done accurately and diligently.
b) It can give the company complete assistance in handling, managing and recording the daily accounting tasks on regular basis and retrieve the information easily.
c) Spare up extra costs of hiring accountants and setting up a whole section in office.
d) Focus on other more important functions of the organization.

a) Allowing third party to take care of business accounting and finance tasks demands a mandatory decision since accounting work contains whole of the company's financial details. Make sure firm is authentic and reliable before considering outsourcing.
b) If a company fails to get a good accounting firm, it may jeopardize the accounting reports and confidentiality so ...

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