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Psychosocial stages of development infancy and toddlerhood

Based on your knowledge on the two psychosocial stages of development infancy and toddlerhood, complete the following:
Describe the critical periods of transition or crisis for these stages.
Include elements related to developmental, psychological, and behavioral characteristics.

Explain how your knowledge of these stages influences your ability to serve the individuals, students, or families within your specialty area (mental health counseling, marriage and family counseling, school counseling, career counseling, or additional counseling). Include all references.

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There are many theories of passage of human growth and development. One theorist, Voygotsky, offers the idea that the environment may have an effect on the development of a child but each may develop in a unique fashion. This Russian provides the evidence that infants are born helpless but as they grow they become aware of needs and begin to find a way to get them met. Speech and walking are highlighted during the next period, ages one to three. This toddler period allows him or her to be open to instruction, play practice and eventually the ability to provide for self. Voygotsky calls ...

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Transition developmental phases and mental health are discussed.