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    Psychopathology Theory

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    I need help selecting a psychopathology theory in which I must describe, explain one strength and one weakness, and how it aligns or doesn't align with the stages of change model described by Prochaska and Norcross (2001).

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    Dear Student,

    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution should get you started. To make this solution for you, since you did not indicate any particular theory or group of theories that you are expected to be utilising for this task, I have made several assumptions - that these theories are the ones that fall under the heading of 'theories of personality and psychopathology' and you will have to choose from them. There are a host you can choose from including the Psychoanalytic theory of Freud, Developmental theories (i.e. Eriksson's psychosocial theory and Piaget's Cognitive stages), Interpersonal theories of Sullivan and Peplau, Humanistic theories like that of Maslow and Rogers, behavioral theories and classical conditioning theories. The task is that you have to choose one of these, discuss it, explain the strengths and a weaknesses and then compare it to the change model by Prochaska and Norcross. If you are not yet familiar with the change model, I have also listed some resources online that you can use for this (look at the list below). Now, you need an outline to tackle this task. I suggest:

    1. The theory of choice - discuss it, what it is about and why it is of interest to you, 100 words.
    2. Weakness and strength - 100 words, use some real-life examples to relate to.
    3. As it relates to the stages of Change - about 100 words.

    This outline will yield into a short essay. I suggest also looking at your current class materials to expand on the theory I am exemplifying here. I have chosen Erikson's theory of psychosocial development as it is among the most common utilized to explain the development of personality. Good luck with your studies.

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the theory of Prochaska and Norcross to the the psychosocial stages of development theory by Erik Erikson. Resources are listed for the purpose of expansion.