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    Study of Social Cognitive Theory

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    Need assistance with formulating a draft paper where I have to select one theory of psychotherapy to examine and analyze and then apply the theory to a case study. I can also choose an integrative approach. These are the areas on which I should focus when analyzing the theory. The draft paper should be only 6-8 pages, Therefore I need to choose the most relevant and applicable information:
    1. Origin of the theory (background, how was it developed, who created it).
    2. Basic philosophies of the theory (view of human nature, theory of change, view of psychopathology, counselor's role).
    3. Identify Intervention strategies of the theory and how they support the concepts and philosophy of the theory.
    4. Limitations of the theory, including cultural limitations.
    5. Analyze the legal and ethical considerations of this particular theory.
    6. Discuss how this theory aligns with your own philosophy, values, and views of the therapeutic process.

    Any Ideas.......

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    This solution studies many aspects of Social Cognitive Theory. It discusses origins, philosophy, interventions, and limitations as well as legal issues. The text contains 1,520 words and references.