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Solomon Asch

Using the Scientific American article 'Opinions and Social Pressure' (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, November 1955 Volume 193, Issue 5):

Discuss the role social cognition played in Solomon Asch's study.

How has his study impacted social psychology?

How would an I/O psychologist use this study in their work?

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Discuss the role social cognition played in Solomon Asch's study.

Solomon Asch focused his empirical work on cognitive processes, and thus is considered a forerunner of social cognition (Leyens & Corneille, 1999). Asch's work has had a profound impact on how psychologists think about and study social influence in groups (Levine, 1999). The theoretical framework upon which Asch based his analysis formed his ideas for group dynamics. For example, Asch utilized principles associated with social and physical stimuli to set forth his ideas on cognitive behavior within a perceptual context. For example, most of Asch's studies were adapted from studies that dealt with physical elements. The role social cogniton played in Asch's study is based on the relationship that he drew between physical and psychology, and used to develop his social cognitive theory on group dynamics. Asch found that participants were far more independent when they were opposed by a majority. He concluded that the ...

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This soluton discusses the theories of Solomon Asch, and the role that cogniton played in the development of these theories.