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Experiments of Asch Miligram and Sherif

List plausible hypotheses and the independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and results from the Sherif, Asch, and Milgram studies

I know the experiments of sherif asch and migram but I am unable to really grasp the question I would happy if some explained to me. like the plausible hypotheses and the independent variables and dependent variable. As I take this class on line I have a difficult time.

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I will walk through the Milgram experiment.

Lets first recap the experiment.
Tyring to understand what made common people turn into cold blooded killers during world war 2, Milgarm set up an experiment to try to understand this phenomenon.

Milgram put had experimenters in white coats put half the participants to be "in charge" of other participants. These individuals were to ask questions to other people across a wall, so the two people could not see each other. If the person answers the question wrongly, then were told that they have to administer them an electric shock. They had a control board, which could administer shocks from mild, to extremely severe. The more questions that person got wrong, the higher voltage the ...