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Discussing Group Dynamics

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Hi, I need assistance with the following task. I am not too sure how to approach it.

Identify an organizational group (preferably that you have been a member of) and analyze its group dynamics.

Include the following in your response:
- Characterize your selected group.
- Analyze the stages of development that your group has gone through.
- Explain the structure of your group and discuss how this structure is related to its effectiveness.
- Explain the dynamics of group behavior within your selected group.
- Look at the following concepts: group polarization, conformity, and groupthink- in relation to your group.

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This solution discusses the group dynamics of a group that the Expert has previously been part of.

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Here is an example:

My group's purpose was to serve the small rural town community of Spring Branch Texas by creating a "Wellness" center that provided classes on healthy cooking, exercise, and family counseling for free. Our goal was to obtain grant funding for this non-profit project from the USDA, and other such organizations to fund our ideas and goals.
Our group was comprised of two females and two males; we all had at least a bachelor's degree level of education and were within a semester of completing our master's degrees in various studies.

We were:
Female 1: Hispanic, Age 24, B.A. of Psychology, M.S. of Criminal Justice
Female 2: White, Age 26 B.A. of Adult Education, M.A. of Adult Education
Male 1: Hispanic, Age 45 B.A. of Adult Education, M.S. of Instructional Technology
Male 2: White, Age 65 B.A. of Adult Education, M.S. of Adult Education

At first our group was formed because of our classroom assignment for a grant class to obtain our master's degree - we came from different backgrounds and different ideas. We had a very difficult time working together, especially because of our age differences. Once we performed a SWOT analysis specific to our individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we were able to work better together as a group with specific personal assignments and goals to move our ...

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