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Discussion about group communication

Need help discussing these questions:

1. Describe a situation where a group encountered problems in working together. What was done to resolve the problem? What should have been done to encourage better facilitation among group members?

2. Why is it important to understand the cultural dimensions of group members? How does this affect group communication?

3. Provide an example of how harsh, demeaning words negatively affect groups

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1. As you describe a situation where a group encountered problems in working together, my team of five recently saw a split where four people felt aligned, unified, and ready to take oncommon goals. However, one member was excluded a bit due to her own agenda, as well as the other members' neglecting to offer her an equal voice due to frustrations with her attitude and behaviors of the past.

As a result of personal feelings getting hurt from all parties, as well as work not getting done, we had to mediate. During this ...

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Discussion about group communication is briefly listed using personal examples to validate.