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    Multicultural Communication Styles

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    iv) Compare and contrast multicultural communication styles.
    v) You must include the following:
    (1) A discussion of verbal and non-verbal communication style differences across ethnic groups.
    (2) A discussion contrasting and comparing communications styles that may be encountered when working with culturally diverse clients
    (3) An explanation of how therapists can avoid the tendency to view socially and culturally diverse clients simply as members of a diverse group rather than as individuals

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    In order to narrow your topic, I suggest that you focus on how to effectively work with Hmong clients. Since this target group represents a strong and growing refugee population from Southeast Asia, it is highly important to understand and honor their unique rich culture and respect its specific traditions and ideologies.

    (1) A discussion of verbal and non-verbal communication style differences across ethnic groups.

    In terms of both verbal and nonverbal differences, it is noted that Hmong do not typically approve of showing outward or verbal displays of emotion. Research reveals that "self-disclosure and emotional expression are seen as signs of weakness" (www.css.edu/Academics/ATHENS-Project/Help-Page/Cultural). Since Hmong view therapy as a "businesslike transaction that should be devoid of emotion and revelation of private matters" (Tatman pdf file attached), counselors will face challenges to accommodate clients' needs.

    In terms of verbal affirmations, you might note that within Hmong culture, research proves that "Yes" statements "are also a commonly misunderstood behavior. To show respect for the counselor, in response to a power differential and/or because of trepidation regarding the situation (Cerhan, 1990; Morris & Robinson, 1996), Hmong clients may tend to be overly polite and ...

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    Ethnic communication styles are examined using Hmong members as a lens. References are also listed.