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Barriers in Business Communication: How the Business Environment Affests Communication

Describe a familiar business environment, such as your school or workplace, that answer's the following questions:

- Explain how communication is typically expressed in this environment and how the environment affects the communication within it.

- Describe the barriers you may encounter while trying to communicate something in this environment. Include examples.

- Communicate one of your examples in a different business environment.

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My best response pertains to a school.

Typical communication:
Whole-Group (faculty): Network Email (called GroupWise). The principal and other faculty email each other to relay important information, meetings, and information pertaining to students.

The second most used type of communication is face-to-face via weekly faculty meetings. This is where the principal has an agenda, presents information, and fields questions/issues.

Whole-Group ...

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This solution uses the example of a school when addressing the issues regarding the environment and communications. This solution is 250 words.