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    Issues Related to Non-Family Management

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    Identify and discuss at least three key issues related to non-family management. Suggest ways to overcome any potential problems.

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    If you are discussing the management of a business by a non-family manager, then the problems concern family based on dynamics and experiences. The ability of a non-member to control aspects of a business is hampered by the experiences of the family within the internal environment, but they can also be in the perceptions shown in the external environment. It takes a strong and balanced approach to work in such an environment.

    One of the most seriously considered aspects will be the relationship of the older to younger generations. The older group will have specific ideas based on the traditions the company has followed. This can include the people who work for the company and those outsiders they allow into the firm. The older group will also have the expectation that things will stay the same and yet improve, ...

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    This solution discusses issues related to non-family management and suggests ways to overcome potential problems.