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build positive work relationships without discussions

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In some situations, strong interpersonal relationships can actually be an *obstacle* to productivity. She notes that it is very important to distinguish what's important to you at the job place, for example having friends or having a job to support your family. It is so important to leave work at work and home at home. As an example, if you are too close with your co-workers, you may be more likely to gossip or talk about non-related work items (family, friends, weekend plans, etc), thus creating less time actually spent working.

Some employees also become frustrated with fellow co-workers in non-work, social settings (e.g. going out to dinner, a game, etc.) because of the others' tendency to "talk shop"/discuss the office.

How can you build positive work relationships without discussing work? What negative consequences may result from discussing only work issues in a non-work setting?

Only about 100 words are needed.

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