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    Encouraging Positive Group Norms via Good Management

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    1. Support is an aspect that makes a franchise successful. Why? What are some examples?'

    2. How can intergroup competition be bad for organizations?

    3. How can a team leader help build positive group norms?

    4. Define "leadership" and contrast it with "management

    5. What should a manager do when forces for unplanned change appear?

    6. What place do informal communication channels have in organizations today?

    7. Under what conditions might a manager use avoidance or accommodation?

    8. Describe the types of controls that are typically used in organizations.

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    1. Support is an aspect that makes a franchise successful. Why? What are some examples?' ?

    Individuals utilize the principles of franchises based on the fact that those types of businesses are 'safer' and less risky due to the fact that they have been established for long periods of time. Support is necessary in order to maintain a purchased franchise because it offers the necessary training, financial assistance, and physical location development. The franchisee normally does not have extensive experience in the particular market or in the operations utilized by the corporation itself. Therefore, a lack of proper support can defeat the benefits of a franchise. An example of a lack of support would be the necessary training in how to manage the daily aspects of the operations. Another example is a lack of understanding in how to segment the market and develop financial budgets for success. These types of supports are required by the franchisee in order to increase the probability of success.

    2. How can intergroup competition be bad for organizations? ??

    When one considers an organization, it is normally perceived as an environment where groups work together in a cooperative environment. Intergroup competition can, in many instances, lead to a collapse of the cooperative environment due to the potential for dysfunctional behavior. Instead of being proactive and groups helping each other, there is a breakdown in communications, a sense of animosity develops, and in the end, a hostile environment is developed. Human reactions to competition can sometimes lead to greater tension than cooperation between ...

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    The expert examines encouraging positive group norms via good management. How a team leader can build a positive group norm is determined.