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    Adolescents, drive, self-actualization - short answer

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    Suggest a program designed to assist adolescents and young adults in achieving a positive self-concept and self-actualization.

    Please provide at least 300 words and include references in the solution.

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    A lot of research literature in child and adolescent psychology is focused on enhancing their self confidence and self-esteem, so that they can grow emotionally and personally, into healthy and confident individuals, able to take initiative on their own, be good decision makers and have good communication skills with anyone at school, work or in their interactions with family and friends.

    A program or workshop for encouraging self-esteem and developing self confidence in teens can include some of the following techniques

    - Talks ...

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    Please help with the following problem about motivation theory, which involves assisting adolescents/young adults in achieving a positive self-concept and self-actualization. The solution is given in 325 words. References are also included in the final answer.