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    Program to Improve Adolescent Self-concept

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    Discuss how a program could be designed to assist adolescent/young adults in achieving a positive self-concept and self actualization by following the humanistic theories. Think about the goals and objectives that the program should have, as well as any barriers that might be encountered.

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    Humanistic theorists believe that one's actions are not only a result of what's happening in their sub-conscious, but more importantly those actions are shaped by personal experiences. According to the humanistic approach to psychology the human needs must be achieved in order, as stated in the Hierarchy of Needs, for the individual to grow in a successful manner. Youngsters often come across life situations that leave them confused, seeking for self-identity, and yearning for support, guidance, and unconditional positive regard. Therefore, a program that is centered on a humanistic perspective for youngsters should first and foremost be client-centered. Meaning, every step of the process should be aimed at addressing specific client issues that are applicable to the growth and well-being of each individual and that aims at meeting the individual's basic needs from Maslow's Hierarchy. Therefore, the goals and objectives of the program should include those lacks, making sure that the individual's needs are met at each level; Then and only then is the person able to move on to the next level and continue to grow as a ...

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    In this solution, goals, objectives, and outline of program to improve self-concept and actualization are provided. Barriers are also explored.