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The concept of play

How are self-concept and self-esteem related and what contributing factors affect their development? How does play affect development of children and thus later development during the adolescent stage?

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Self-Concept & Self-Esteem

Children's awareness of the notion of me is rooted in their needs. As infants they are driven by food, rest and parental attention. But even as toddlers, they begin to exercise notions of 'self', who they are. When dressing up, when acting in ways that 'define' them in the eyes of siblings and parents, the social dynamics within the family in terms of talk and action helps to define the child. The social-cognitive mechanics of learning, knowing, understanding and internalizing means that as the child's experience grows, the learning process and learning skills develops and contributes towards creating a definition of 'me' and of 'others' and the roles of these others in the life of the child - the 'me'. This is how self-concept is created. Now, it is important that confidence and self-esteem develops too. Positive relationship between parents, elders and caregivers with the child, one that encourages development without the burden of emotional stress creates confidence. Texas A & M in their Agricultural Outreach program for agricultural communities in the US published a leaflet that attempted to simplify the concept of positive reinforcement and the promotion of self-esteem among children. I quote from this work (Barnes, 2011) below:

"Your ...

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