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    Writing a play review

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    Write critique about a recent live theater play attended. This CANNOT be a high school, children's theatre, amusement park, church, dance, sketch comedy or music (not to be confused with a musical, i.e. The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Rent, etc.) show. It MUST be a play presented by a USA regional, professional, university, or community theater. (NOTE: Lifehouse Theater plays are not acceptable as they are often religious plays. Nothing against religious plays, but for our purposes, they sometimes exclude full character arcs and stories for a singular moral message.)

    This is paper is your critical evaluation. Please have an opinion. Do not make your paper a plot synopsis. What did you think and why? There are no wrong evaluations - it will be graded on the depth of your assessment. The production critique is your honest reaction to the production. Rewritten reviews from newspapers are not acceptable.

    Please cover the following:
    Thesis - Begin with a thesis paragraph of the play - whether it was a positive experience, negative experience, or both. Use examples from the play to support your opinion.

    Character - What are the people in the play like? How do they reveal what they want? How are their behaviors illustrated?

    Acting - How are you effected by the performances? Did you believe the performances? What techniques did the actors use to achieve their impact? Use specific examples.

    Concept and Theme - Can you identify what the playwright was trying to say with the play? What was his/her message? What thoughts or ideas did you receive at the end of the show? What elements of the play communicated the theme.

    Design Elements - Set, costume, lighting, etc. Did it enhance and support the concept of the play or did any elements not work with the feel of the play. Be specific.

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    To approach responding to this assignment, you must first see a play. Depending upon where you live, this may not be so simple a thing as it sounds. Especially because the instructions are so specific about what sort of play is NOT permitted for your review, you may have sincere difficulty in completing this first, essential portion of the assignment. Thankfully, the play put on this week in conjunction with the University players is a joint venture, while featuring some high school thespians, does qualify as a reviewable play according to your assignment instructions. Fortunately for YOU, in case you absolutely cannot see a qualifying play between now and when this assignment is due, this play happens to have also been immortalized on film, starring Yul Brenner - it is Rogers and Hammerstein's musical, the King and I. You can see this play on film, should you be reduced to fudging the assignment instructions a bit due to the unavailability of a play nearby which you might actually attend. The following comments about this particular performance (it was opening night) reflect an amateur, though enthusiastic, performance of the play. Remember that if you see the film version, with professional actors.

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    Thesis - Begin with a thesis paragraph of the play - whether it was a positive experience, negative experience, or both. Use examples from the play to support your opinion. Yours might read: This performance of The King and I was a positive experience for the spectator. It was well-rehearsed, and well cast, and went very smoothly, considering that it was put on by amateur players, and that fact that it was the opening night of the three-day run of the play, as well. Had I been personally involved with the play performance, I doubt I would have done better. I was able to 'suspend my disbelief' for the majority of the ...

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    Writing a play review for an amateur community theater production of Rogers andHammerstein's musical, the King and I. Suggested model review.