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The role of rhetoric in research reporting

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What are the important issues to be considered when writing-up a report of a research study and how these mat differ for quantitative and qualitative studies

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Rhetoric and research reporting

What is rhetoric?
The Chambers '21st Century Dictionary' gives three definitions of rhetoric.
1. "the art of speaking and writing well, elegantly and effectively, especially in order to persuade or influence others

2. "the theory and practice of using language effectively

3 "language which is full of unnecessarily long, formal or literary words and phrases and which is also often insincere or meaningless

What role does it play in writing accounts of research?

From the above definitions it is clear that:

1. it has a part to play in writing research reports - they should be well-written and effective, and be able to influence the reader to trust the results of the research and use the findings to the best clinical advantage
2. it is essential when writing an account of any research study
3. it is often the case in research ...

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Three definition of rhetoric are set out and it's use in qualitative and quantitaive research examined. In neither case should the way rhetoric is used be different. The clarity and precision of the writing should be effective in persuading the reader of the rigour of the research and demonstrate its strengths and weaknesses without the use of jargon.

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