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Corporate Values for Nike, Electrolux, HiPP, and Toyota

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Can someone please assist me with this question I have for my marketing class. Thank You.
Do companies like Hipp, Electrolux, Toyota and Nike live up to their core corporate values? Search websites that are critical about these companies and discuss the gap between rhetoric and reality.

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The question that must be answered from this problem statement is "what constitutes corporate values from a consumer's point of view about a company"? Does a company commit itself to the established principles outlined in its mission statement for the benefit of its patrons, associates, and investors is the definition of core values? Patrons are consumers in the business world, associates are defined as competitors or vendors in the business world, while investors are stakeholders that have a vested interest in the company's operation.
Consumer participation equates to profits to a company. Associates equates to how a company measures itself to that of its competitors, or it relationship dependency on products and serves that other companies offer, whereas, stakeholders can be viewed as the lenders to a company. Thus, each described relationship is essential to a company's core value.

When investors buy interest in a corporation they are focused on its return on equity, i.e. how much of a net profit has been earned from the money given. Therefore, it is important for a company to market itself in a manner that results in a profit. So the focus of how to create a demand for products and serves becomes significant, and this becomes valued through customers.

So again, we must ask the question in a different way. Do companies function in a professional manner that is ethically and morally acceptable to a ...

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Do companies such as Nike, Electrolux, Toyota, and HiPP operate with a corporate-value mindset?