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    Strategic Plan Analysis: Nike

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    Please help me by reviewing the objectives, goals, vision and mission of Nike, and the relationship between each of the following and quality:

    a. How does the style and management of Nike compare and contract to an organization that has adopted Total Quality Management.

    b. How does the Total Quality Management style of the other organization match up to Nike's characteristics?

    c. How could the TQM practices of the other organization be combined with Nike's?

    Be sure to properly cite your references in your paper.

    Please write in APA format.

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    //Before writing about the total quality management style at Nike, we will discuss the company overview under the heading of Introduction. It will assist in understanding the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the organization. For example: //


    Nike is the leading corporation in the world, which deals in equipment supply & sportswear. It is a US based company and established in 1962 by Bill Boverman & Philip Knight in the name of Blue Ribbon Sports. Later it was changed to Nike Inc in 1978. The headquarters of the company are located in Oregon, which is near Beaverton, USA. It is the major manufacturer and supplier of apparel and athlete shoes. The business practices and manufacturing methods of Nike Inc are based on innovation.

    Mission statement

    Mission of the company is to become the best shoe provider, which delivers best services to its customers.

    Vision statement

    The vision statement of the company is to assist every athlete in developing motivation and creativity throughout the world.

    Goals and objectives

    Goal of the company is to utilize the innovative ideas in order to manufacture quality athlete shoes and attire for the world. There are various objectives of the company, but the most significant one is to become the leader through different activities, which exhibit concern for those who are associated with Nike, such as customers, employees and suppliers throughout the world.

    //After discussing the overview of the company, we will discuss the management style at Nike. Then, we will compare and contrast the management style at Nike with the organization having total quality management style. //

    Management Style at Nike

    Former CEO, Philip Knight played a vital role in the establishment of strategic management. His style of management is described as idiosyncratic, which is very personal and distinctive. The mode of management in Nike is described by strategic planning. The CEO of Nike reflects broad mindedness as the management style at Nike is based on different aspects, such as the conservative decisions and planned risks. Implementation of management style is based on a thorough analysis of internal as well as external environment. The decision making style of Philip Knight reflects a participative method. Knight is a daring person and able to make independent decisions, but before going to consider any decision, he invites the management team to ...

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    This solution-guide provides a company overview of NIKE and discusses NIKE's management style as well as the possibility of incorporating TQM practices in approximately 1400 words with five references.