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Democratic Theory

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What is democratic theory and how did individuals like Locke influence the theory?

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Democratic Theory and Contemporary Governance
Democracy can be defined and understood in a myriad of different ways (Ranney & Kendall, 1951). Much like the concept of leadership, democracy may be dependent on context and situation. In different situations and contexts, democracy may look and act differently. However, one key aspect to understanding democratic theory is its collective nature (Christiano, 2008). Directly or through elected representatives, each individual has a voice in their government. Democratic theory, from the perspective of John Locke, contends that government is responsive to the needs and wants of the citizen (Uzgalis, 2012).

Much of Locke's democratic theory is influential in contemporary governance. Locke's influence on contemporary governance can be seen in the social contract between the government and the citizen. Locke suggested that the citizen would relinquish some of their rights to the government. In turn, the government is responsible ...

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This solution discusses democratic theory and how it influences contemporary governance. All references used are included.

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