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Democratic Socialism

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Describe Democratic Socialism. Detial the pros and cons.

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Democratic Socialism

For Socialists and socialist organizations, the term Democratic Socialism refers to their 'political orientation' - wherein ' reformist and evolutionary democracy' applies. It is actually a term in contention for at first glance socialism (a political theory based on public ownership and cooperative management of national resources) in its most revolutionary form is the direct opposition of democracy in its most capitalistic application (i.e. the US is a Capitalist Democracy while Russia is a Socialist Republic from the revolutionary ideology influenced by Marxist Communism). Hence, Democratic Socialism must be taken according to political context wherein the government itself is democratic and its electorate and government believe in a reformist, electoral-driven form of evolutionary government where, while the government has control of the country, the government ultimately is built in such a way where there is accountability and power, while centralized is also ...

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