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    Eugene Debs' Political Views

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    ***Eugene Debs espoused a view of labor equality and socialism. He argued for a transformation that would make 'the working class the ruling class'.*** That seemed to have been the position of Lenin, Stalin, and other Marxist leaders.

    If this seemed to have been the position of Lenin, Stalin, and other Marxist leaders Is this true?

    Is it possible that Debs was in fact a Marxist shrouded in Socialist clothing?

    Are we hearing some of the same argument in the U.S. today?

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    Eugene Deb's Views

    No doubt that Deb's socialist views arose after reading and studying Karl Marx's work. Prior to this though, he was a member of the Democratic Party early on. He was born to a working class family and his young life was a series of labor-intensive work - labourer, painter, grocery clerk, boilerman. He joined the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen founded in New York. He quickly rose through he ranks which led to his interest in politics. As a Democratic Party candidate, he was elected to the Indiana general Assembly for 1 term in 1884. Being from a working class family and community, he was familiar with the realities that labourers and factory workers face. His 'brotherhood' was a very conservative union but because of the difficulties faced by their members, he believed that fellowship wasn't enough. He believed a more unified union will allow its members to force companies and boards to listen to their demands where they can, the workers, get tangible and ...

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