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    Employee Benefits

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    1-Unfortunately, many companies have been greedy for the lack of a better term in sharing the wealth with their fellow coworkers. This has forced more and more government involvement in policing many specific policies and programs. I appreciate the fact that this is keeping companies honest but at what point should the government focus on job creation as opposed to policing?

    2-What seems fair is up to ones interpretation. I personally think that many of today's government mandated protections cost the employer way too much money. That said, how can the government make these programs fair to both the company and the coworker?

    3-Today, companies are being forced to provide programs due to government intervention. That said: Are we bordering on socialism in many of these recent mandates?

    4-Benefits are very necessary. However, it is not possible for all companies, of any size to be able to afford all of these programs. In addition, the new medical insurance fine may in many cases put companies down for the count. Where does the line need to be between governments mandates and respect to capitalism?

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    I believe that the government should practice a practical and balanced approached to job creation, as well as policing. Job creation and the monitoring of company activities are both very important to the employers of these companies. The policing aspects are very helpful in preventing companies from abusing their employees, as well as infringing upon their rights. As we very well know, many companies are firmly focused on profits and care little about the welfare of employees, or who they hurt in their pursuit of increased profits. I do believe that job creation is very important in ...