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Employee Benefits Strategy

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"Benefits Policy"
1.) Create a benefits policy that encompasses the scope of benefits and a brief administrative section to address how benefits will be administered in your organization. Include a section on the roles necessary to carry out the policy within the organization.

"Flexible Benefits Strategy"
1.) If you were to become an expert in the field of benefits strategy, describe how you would acquaint yourself with the availability of new types of flexible benefits. Over the years, new employee benefits have become common, and it is important to stay abreast of them so that employee benefits can be refreshed. Provide your rationale and expected learning outcomes as you pursue this information.

Please note these are discussions questions not an assignment. Also add references and add The WorldatWork Handbook of Compensation, Benefits, & Total Rewards (2007) as references in order to receive full credit,

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1) The benefits policy within this organization will include a requirement that individuals be employed by the organization for a minimum of six months before they qualify for full dental benefits, health insurance benefits, life insurance, paid maternity leave, one week paid vacation annually, daycare assistance plan, retirement stock option benefits, and the educational assistance plan. In addition, individuals will gain additional stock options benefits upon promotion to management within the organization as well. These benefits will be administered in the organization through the human resources department; through benefit package agreements that are signed by both the employee and ...

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This solution describes the components of developing an employee benefits program.

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