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1.How can we tie compensation strategy to the overall business strategy?

2.What is the relationship between an employee's salary and his or her feeling of worth? Explain your rationale from the viewpoints of an employee and a manager.

3.In your opinion, what role do benefits play, in attaining and retaining workers? Do you think someone who is in a different generation or stage of their career will feel differently? Please explain.

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1.How can we tie compensation strategy to the overall business strategy?

The compensation strategy can be tied to the overall business strategy in that an organization may compensate their employees based upon how well they believe that an employee would do, which would be beneficial to the business itself. Further, the compensation that an organization pays their employees also is reflected upon the financial success of the business itself. If a company is paying their employees well, it is perceived that the company is doing well financially. It may be an organization's business strategy to pay employees according to how they perform in the workplace. Therefore, the organization may believe that if they tie compensation to performance, ...

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