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    Total Rewards: Key Attributes & Benefits Approaches

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    Week 1 Discussion 1: "Key Attributes"
    Discuss the key attributes of total rewards programs and how each contributes to employee performance. Outline a strategy for integrating all of these attributes into an organization's overall approach to total rewards and provide a rationale. (Add references if possible)

    Week 1 Discussion 2: "Benefits Approaches"
    Debate the usefulness of the "one -size-fits-all" approach to benefits versus the total rewards approach. (Add references if possible)

    Please note: these are discussion questions not an assignment.

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    The key attributes of a total rewards system are compensation, benefits, and work-life, performance/recognition, and development/career opportunities. Each of these attributes contributes to employee performance. Compensation represents the pay that an employee receives for the services she provides to the organization. Compensation is a strong motivator of employees. The benefits add to the cash compensation provided to employees. The benefits provide security to employees, especially in times when the person can have financial strain. Work-life is practices that actively support efforts to help employees achieve success at work and home. These practices include workplace flexibility, paid and unpaid time off, health and well being, ...

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