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Impacts of International Initiatives on Economic Growth and Development

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Assess President Obama and the Congressional Majority Democrats' stimulus, budgetary, and health care initiatives in the context of promoting Economic Growth and Development. In your view, are the Democrats' policy initiatives aimed more at encouraging Economic Growth or Economic Development? Or are they aimed at both? Defend your assessment accordingly. In doing so address these questions:

What were the challenges that these policy makers perceived at the time in terms of both the Business Cycle and broader social policy?
What theories did the Democrats use to justify their policies, both enacted and proposed, regarding taxes, spending, and the historic health care reform bill? Can one theory account for all of these policies?
Perhaps it was more than academic theories and immediate macroeconomic conditions. What ideological legacies may have been motivating the Democrats in their choice of eventual policy initiatives when they finally returned to power in 2009? As such, maybe the related planks in their 2008 National Platform offer some useful insights. Along these lines, briefly explain why Republicans were almost unanimous in their opposition to these initiatives.

In your assessment, do not get caught up in the minute details of the bills, just their broader economic and political significance when taken together and their role in encouraging Economic Growth and/or Development. Since it remains an open question as to just how effective these policy initiatives have been or will be, do not feel that you must offer definitive data in some form here. Just present your best arguments and supporting data as concisely and clearly as possible.

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Challenges Perceived By the Policy Makers:

The economic stimuli that are placed by the government determine the general growth and development of United States. This has been in the diverse sectors with the health sector having the highest costs relative to the economic GDP size of United States. Other initiatives have also been placed by the government to raise the recovery rates of the American economy raising the annual growth rates. To attain this economic initiative of financial recovery, policies had to the set by the policy makers for the creation of a progressive program that will be followed by the economic ventures in America. The policies were set to create an emphasis on the economic crisis that is being experienced aimed altering the global economy. The main aim of these policies set by the democrats is geared towards the alleviating of poverty and the extreme inequality that is being experienced in the American economy (Democracy, n.d).

There are some challenges that are however encountered by the democratic policy makers who are termed as the people who are highly racked to make decisions. One of the main problems perceived by the democrats was due to the implementation process of the policies that would be established by the policy makers. The citizens where viewed as entities that will have to accept the set policies so that the economy would be altered. The society had however a hard time in the creation of the policy with regards to how they would ...

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