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A Review of Self-Actualization

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I'm a bit confused about an assignment - I'm looking up coping mechanisms and self actualization and trying to find the various types of coping mechanisms. I don't want the assignment done for me. Just clarified. I'm looking it up in my book, and can't figure out to where to even start. Self actualization? Coping mechanisms? I'm looking up the 14 ways, and there's really no clear discussion in my text. I know about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and self actualization, but I don't think this assignment is asking about that. It's asking about coping mechanisms of self actualized people.

Thank you for any assistance.

THE ASSIGNMENT Being asked of me:
Write a short (2-3 pages) paper on the 14 ways self- actualized people display coping mechanisms or characteristics. Do you use these mechanisms? Why or Why not?

Don't want anything done for me, but could use some help in outlining what this means and clarifying things.

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Self-actualization can be hard to define because it really depends where you are on the spectrum. If you're basic and safety needs are not met, then self-actualization cannot be realized. However, when they are met, self-actualization means what you are capable of becoming. A good way to explain it is by describing and defining ontology. Ontology is a theory that has a set of expectations about what is real and what is not. This dictates the awareness of realism, which is seen or experienced (Ponterotto, 2005). I know that may sound like a big word, but there is a whole psychological and philosophical way to figure this out.

You are on the right ...

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