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Obstacles to self-actualization

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If the tendency toward self-actualization is innate, why are more adults not self-actualized? Maslow estimated that only 1% of adults are self-actualized. If he's right, why is this the case? Based on Maslow's theory, how would you explain it? How would Freud explain it? How would a cognitive psychologist explain it?

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Using Maslow as a lens, this job hypothesizes various aspects of self-actualization in terms of obstacles.

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It is first important to realize the criterion on which Maslow based self-actualization. Maslow himself, guided by his specific values and beliefs, selected the sample of people he described as "self-actualized". If he had started with other people's heroes, the concept of self-actualization may have differed from his idea of the spontaneous, autonomous, mystical, etc. person whom had achieved self-actualization and ...

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