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Compare and contrast Abraham Maslow and Sigmund Freud

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Compare (similarities and differences) between Abraham Maslow and Sigmund Freud in terms of their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional developmental processes.The cognitive developmental process involves the ability to think, remember, reason, problem-solve, and communicate. The physical developmental process entails not only changes in height and weight, but also fine and gross muscle control, balance, strength, reproductive ability, and appearance. Finally, the social-emotional developmental process involves beliefs about oneself in relation to others, including self-identity, self-concept, morality, and relationships.Explain the impact of diversity on their cognitive, physical, and social-emotional developmental processes. Be specific, provide examples, and justify your response Provide references.

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Freud believed that the source of mental energy was biological. He divided the mind into three parts, the conscious, pre-conscious and the unconscious. Freud was not as interested in the conscious mind as he was in the pre-conscious (which he believed was part of the unconscious mind, but could very easily be made conscious). The unconscious, he believed, could influence the conscious mind but the causes could be repressed.

Freud also believed that people are driven by impulse to act in certain ways, spurred on by needs. He called the energy behind these impulses the "Libido" which could sometimes be aggressive.

Freud called his idea of attachment "cathexis," and believed that the libidinous energy attached to an person (object) and became fixed. His approach sought to understand where the libido was "inappropriately cathected" and through the psychoanalytic process, this energy could be released and freed. This is similar to Maslow's view of the importance of releasing stuck energy in order to move to a higher level. (Frager & ...

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Sigmund Freud's view was that mental impulses are rooted in biology while Abraham Maslow built upon several psychological theories to create his own. Freud saw development as object based and Maslow believed in an heirarchy of needs with the possibility of attaining a greater potential. While there are similarities in some of their views, there are also many differences. This solution offers a comparison and a contrast of these two psychological views.