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    Biological psychology

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    Compare and contrast humanistic and biological approaches to personality.
    I have been reading and have some ideas, I would greatly appreciate some detailed guidance in layman's terms. Thank You.

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    Biological psychology is the branch of psychology, which includes studies of the various biological bases of behavior. These include the study of neuroanatomy and physiology, the influences of hormones and other chemicals, and the genetics and heritability of behavioral traits. Biological psychology is one of a group of brain sciences called the neurosciences. Neuroscientists as a group are interested in all the diverse aspects of the nervous system, while biological psychologists in particular are more specifically interested in the biology of behavior.

    Some psychologists dislike psychodynamic and behaviorist explanations of personality. They feel that these theories ignore the qualities that make humans unique among animals, such as striving for self-determination and self-realization. In the 1950s, some of these psychologists began a school of psychology called humanism. Humanistic psychologists try to see people's lives as those people would see them. They tend to have an optimistic perspective on human nature. They focus on the ability of human beings to think consciously and rationally, to control their biological urges, and to achieve their full potential. In the humanistic view, people are responsible for their lives and actions and have the freedom and will to change their attitudes and behavior.

    Two psychologists, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, became well known for their humanistic theories.

    The highest rung on Abraham Maslow's ladder of human motives is the need for self-actualization. Maslow said that human beings strive for self-actualization, or realization of their full potential, once they have satisfied their more basic needs.
    Maslow also provided his own account of the healthy human personality. Psychodynamic theories tend to be based on clinical case studies and therefore lack accounts of healthy personalities. To come up with his account, Maslow studied exceptional ...

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