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Rogers Personality Development

The problem is focused on Rogers' ideas about self actualization and the fully functioning person. Specific human behaviors that contriubte to a lack of self-concept is discussed. How the person may or may not realize self-actualization involves a negative perception of the self. Thus, Rogers's view of personality development suggests that a negative feeling of self leads to a need to distort expereinces that foster an incongruence to self-concept. This negative view of self leads to factors such as: anxiety,incongruence and defensive behaviors.

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Carl Rogers is viewed as the father of the Humanistic movement. The Humanistic theory that grew out of this movement stresses the belief that human nature is basically good and individuals have an inherent potential for self-fulfillment and self-actualization. Self-actualization is the innate process by which one tends to grow spiritually and realize one's potential. The theories suggest that in ...

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Rogers' theory focused on self-concept and self-fulfillment is discussed. Roger theorized that if individuals perceive themselves as unworthy Roger posited that persons will have distorted experiences regarding their self-concept, which is unhealthy.