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Carl Rogers: Life & Work Overview

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I need help with writing this paper on Carl Roger
Research articles from the last 15 years that investigate client- centered and humanistic
Please provide a summary of each article

That explains roger's views of human nature and worldviews as expressed in this theory.

Which aspect of his theory do you think would be different if he were alive and working today?

Explain how social and cultural factors influenced the development of Rogers' theory of personality.

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Carl Rogers - Theory Overview

Carl Rogers for many is the originator of client-centered therapy in applied psychology. Born in Illinois in 1902, he was one of the early American academics in psychotherapy, gaining his PhD in 1931 at Columbia and then establishing counseling research practices in the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin and Ohio State. His work in psychotherapy made him one of the early pillars of the American Psychological Association. His work is centered on the individual and the development of personality. He expired in 1987 in San Ciego, California. His work however remains important especially in applied psychology. He believed that (Hall, 1997), "it was important for the individual to learn to understand himself and make independent choices that are significant in understanding the problem."

A theoretical overview of his work on client-centered therapy is best described by Hall (1997) as follows - "each person has within them the inherent tendency to continue to grow and develop. As a result of this the individual's self-esteem and self-actualization is continually influenced. This development can only be achieved through what Rogers refers to as unconditional positive regard. In order ...

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