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Maslow's Higher Needs in Organizational Management

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Read the article, "A Theory of Human Motivation." Based on the information presented in the article, discuss the elements of self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group. What is the relationship between self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group? Why is it important for a manager to understand and appreciate employees' self-esteem, esteem needs, and belonging to a group?

Please see http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/Maslow/motivation.htm.

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Esteem is important for people because it means achievement and respect for themselves, from themselves and others. It is both a desire for both being seen as adequate or confident, as well as the desire to be recognized and have a good reputation. Once achieved the satisfaction is driven higher to self-actualization, realizing what one can be and what one is. This self-actualization is usually driven by societal needs of what one must be in order to be considered important. Therefore, belonging to a group is a goal for individuals.

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This is a review of the meaning of the higher needs of Maslow's hierarchy and how they relate to belonging to a group.

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