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Case Analysis: The Art of Motivation


While answering the specific questions below, please develop a case analysis.
1. How does Nucor's approach to motivation build on recommendations from Maslow's, Alderfer's, and McClelland's need theories? Explain.
2. To what extent are the hygiene factors and motivators influencing employee behavior at Nucor?
3. What role does equity theory play in this Case? Discuss.
4. To what extent is Nucor's approach to employee motivation consistent with expectancy theory? Explain.
5. What role does organizational culture play in this case?
6. Would it be easy for other companies to copy Nucor's approach to employee motivation? Why or why not?

Solution Summary

The May 1, 2006 Business Week article entitled "The Art of Motivation" describes a company in the steel manufacturing industry, Nucor, that has utilized uncommon thinking and bold, innovative approaches to leadership and management to rise from an industry newcomer to the industry leader. The article discusses the company's approach to shifting the balance of 'real' power away from the "C-suites" and placing it at the front-lines of production in order to "nurture one of the most dynamic and engaged workforces around".